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Recruitment seems very simple for many people but it cost a lot if wrong decision is made. Company’s success is based on team and to choose that team needs lot of home-work. Choosing the most suitable method to get right team is a tricky job. Best companies are hiring by both traditional & modern methods and using right mixture of it.

Recruiting the best candidates many exciting tools have been created to source right talent as per company needs. Social media is playing big role now to hire and attract right candidates. And I would like to share few benefits of Social media Recruitment.

Benefits of Social media Recruitment

  • Get potential candidates directly into your inbox

  • Available jobs can be filled quicker

  • Higher usage & Increasing response time from employer & job-seekers

  • More references are generated through social media

  • Great way to attract fresh & new talents beyond traditional recruitment

  • Better company branding , better you attract. So indirectly forcing to improve company branding as well

  • More visibility on social media can bridge better pool for future as well

  • Open Positions will be seen and read by larger number of candidates So it means good visibility

Quick Check-list for Job Posting

  • Give detailed Job Profile or Overview of Core Skills & requirements, Your goal is not get likes but likewise minds for the requirements as HR

  • Use Graphics , Company Logo is good

  • Use links to redirect at Detailed job descriptions to apply

  • Think before share, what is your target audience

  • Improve Company page & engagement

  • Remember – This is continuous process So keep on learning

  • Social-media is time consuming machine, use it wisely

Go beyond

• Share jobs from your job-boards which includes logo, detailed Job Descriptions as well how to apply.

• Post jobs on multiple Job Portals , Cost very little against the talent you & your company want

• Make advance plan to get the best results

• Be quick on any responses , market is candidate driven as well



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