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Many recruiters & job-seekers are facing some of the common problems in recruitment and these problems changing as per country and mostly around fresher and middle management positions. Specially in INDIA these problems are bigger in tier B & C cities while metro has traffic problems 📷

Common Recruitment issues for Recruiters & Employers

  • For many candidates Salary is the Career Plan. You can feel it in the tone of the candidate.

  • Job Description E-Mails are not going in Spam folders but seems like Physical Post So take a lot of time and follow ups to reach to some candidates.

  • At a time of Interview some Candidates are always on the way , even some are reached at parking of company but not in interview.

  • Rescheduled Date & Time given by the candidates and so now it is recruiter’s crime to follow up and arrange interview 2nd Time. And if this Candidate is drop by client – Now candidate is reached there and asking consultant to inform HR.

  • On Interview day , candidate get universal knowledge that this is not right opportunity for me even though candidate searching job since last one year.

  • Candidate lined up for interview and don’t go for interview or even don’t ready to pick up the phone or ready drop the message though you have seen him just now online on Whatsapp . If by mistake picked up the phone , revert that He/She has major accident Or Relatives are died specially Grandparents. Unfortunately your team knows they died 4th time .So Now you RIP !!.

  • Candidate got the job exactly on the day of the Interview and He/She has already started working there and Recruiters have to say “Congrats” !

  • Candidates are so busy sometimes not even able to answer in telephonic interview though time was committed by candidate only not even in message.

  • No matter ,how much time you explain about company & positions they forget it during interview and only give interview for BACK OFFICE – Now this back-office does not include In-house sales, Calling , Reception etc.,In short any work which candidate does not like.

  • If you inform Candidate that you have been rejected , War will start and end with conclusion that candidates are always right 📷

  • Joining is decision made in haven for some candidates. Recruiters come to know on the day of joining that candidate is not joining and reason is ” My uncle said company is far away ” or ” My expected Salary is XYZ now ” or ” I don’t get (printed) offer letter ” or ” Company has bond policy ” or ” Company has targets ” and most common ” My company has given me a hike ”

  • Some Candidates are hi-tech engineers :

  • Instant apply > Instant Interview > Instant offer letter > Joining Delay > Follow up > Follow up by Company > Work for Half Day > Instant Jump

Common Recruitment issues for Job-Seekers

  • Expect Diamonds with Budget of Iron . No matter how talented candidate is or even no system to judge his/her talent just offer the iron which cuts employer at last.

  • Interview Time strictly followed in 3rd attempt , Guess what. Blame candidate that he/she not coming so candidate does have discipline who already came 2 times before on time and waited long hours.

  • Entire world has problem of clarity exclude Employer about Job profile , HR Policy & Budget. So what ! Candidate not joined.

  • High Standard Policy – only interview face to face . So No Telephonic or SKYPE or No tech use even by IT companies for recruitment

  • E Mail is costly for many employers, So No feedback for long time to Shortlisted candidates OR for 2nd Round. Sometimes Recruiters forget to update the candidate about important key aspects which can affect joining.

  • Resume is like “All Commandments of Candidate” for some Recruiters so shortlisted on bases of it without looking at potential.

  • New Technology in the Town :

  • Instant Sales Lead > Instant Recruitment Plan > Instant Interviews > Instant Selection > Sales Lead Lost > Candidate is on Hold > New Sales Lead > Same Cycle > Instant Joining Required > Now No Instant Candidates

  • & Many more…

  • Problems are just not from Candidate side but also from Consultants & Employers side too and if you make a list it will be big. Now if you look at the problems or Recruitment decisions , they are highly influenced by Internal & external environments.

  • Here , I am not complaining about Candidates or Client or Consultants . If you look at all complains & everyone’s issues – you will notice that all problems are majorly around raised by society & our social habits.

  • These all mentioned problems can be solved if we improve our society or social habits. Root cause of most recruitment problems are in our society only.

  • Let’s make it simple . if Input is best Output can be best. Company , Recruiters & Candidates are from society only. so if society improves , organization will improved.

  • For Example, If society wants free & cheap quality products , organization will start focusing on that because at the end it will be game of survival .

Improve our Social Habits

Time : For most Indians . We are habitual to late everywhere expect Movie time , Cricket time or Govt Job Interview this is applicable to HR people as well 📷

“Hidden Opportunities” in Time is called Luck , So Respect everyone’s Time

Use Smart Phone but not Smartness : if Temple comes on the way we will notify to GOD but forget to notify person who is waiting for you though you have smart phone 📷

For many problems we can use little smartness (common sense) – use it.

Parents & Teachers & Boss Role : After 12th – Graduation is chosen by Father and Post Graduation chosen by Friends. Now In interview Candidate will say , “My Uncle said no for this Job”.

In Eng Or MBA Placement, Professors will define how much salary company have to pay, what salary student have to expect and college taught everything to students. Now what , Students searching for the Job.

Marketing professor who don’t know how to handle his own ego , Can’t teach how to negotiate with customer practically with pressure of Boss – who will not easily listen you , Customer – who will not easily given you money and listen your monthly target.

Parents & Teacher have very Important role and now both are influence youngsters to focus on money & Paper Skills . Same way in corporate , boss must built up strong human values.

Don’t surprise if they left you for money. Person should be a Good Character first then anything else.

Responsibility is big game : For Government Job Interview – All Candidates are on time, No Salary negotiation, Yearly Off already counted , No Problem even if job is in far other City even for Girls who said NO for 5 KM away Job.

If you ask Candidate why would like to join Govt Job , many people would like to help country by taking High Salary, Full Benefits & No Target Commitments , No Responsibility & can do own business.

Everyone would like to become King & Super king & Leaders ( new word ) but society needs contributors – actual doers. Don’t blame government or organisation for every problems. Country made by People so companies as well. If you have opportunity – Take responsibility & Go for solutions and contribute positively .

Respect : i.e. Fairness is key Attraction in our society. Many resumes are not fair enough but have a beautiful heart , or skills or Knowledge , Creativity So what ! No luck 📷

Don’t judge people by Outlook, Caste or Religion. Respect everyone.

There so many great points you can suggest here. You know your habits and thoughts and what your are contribute to society or organisation or country. We are connected in circle – our reaction of our actions will come back so these problems are. Invest to make Best people , rest will be made by the best.

Don’t make or just invest in startups which can multiple money but make or invest in something which can make better society. Change Starts from You only. Best of You



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