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It is easy to become No.1, but hard to sustain it.

At Job-Store we helps job-seekers to get the job or get ready for the job. Recently with some of really good requirements of our client, I experience that in sales or in target base job or in field-work job , freshers are showing less interest though that job is best suitable with qualification and even salary too. And if not wrong , such problems are mostly faced by small & mid size companies.

Today many MBA -Marketing qualified students preferring job in back-office operations & no field-work or target based sales jobs. And if you ask about expected salary , answer will be good TARGETED numbers but companies which give targets are not good. It hurts

If they join somehow , they will easily give up and left the job within just 2 -3 months without working hard enough .

In past , career competition was low might be and easy to get the job but it is also true that compare to today’s technology time information and knowledge are not easily available on your mobile and thus many seniors fight more compare to today’s generation. So presently with maximum resources and information, fresher are giving up easily at the first job & restart the job search.

First Job plays very important to set your career path, skills & future. So , it is important not to give up at right opportunity.

Get Ready to Ride Own Career

It is great feeling when you get selected and get your first dream job. You feel like winner , but your real exam starts from your 1st day of the job. Most employers and seniors helps and support to new teammate.

No doubt, everyone around you is your customer. They have great expectations from you whether seniors, peers or management. So, Now it is your turn to fulfill demands within time-frame which is most difficult in your first job.

As fresher, if you would like to grow in your career then you have to prove yourself every time which is difficult at the first job as you try to learn new skills , about people and your role. Once you pass certain stages of your career you become more confident and have more clear vision to go ahead but till time don’t give up.

Here we try to cover up few do & don’ts for first job. More inputs you will find in comments.

Now we see, What to Do at the first job.

Do > Get ready to learn anything

In college or school time learning is easy, you have books to refer and exams to check that knowledge but during job that is not the case. So, you have to work hard to learn. Any small activity is big learning.

Remember that Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

For Example, As a Sales executive you are good at product knowledge and even explaining it. but failed to convince about payments. You feel that you have done good and your boss ask about end results.

So , focus on learning of every small aspects of your job. Your learning habits can make you winner anywhere.

Do > Respect yourself and others equally

It is hardest job to know yourself though our most time we spend to know others and even argue that we know them without knowing ourselves completely.

In First job, You are now aware with your own capabilities & yet you have not proved yourself. But it does not mean you are nothing or others are nothing if you already got results .So, always respect yourself & others equally. Remember that Respect you give to others that respect you will get in return.

Do > If needed, Talk to seniors for improvements

In first job, don’t hesitate to ask to seniors for help in skills or learning. Many times , in first job you feels that seniors are not helping and seniors feels you are not understanding because we have to understand this is not college and you can not readily get exam Important questions .

Before talk senior , understand what to talk & how to ask for help. Most seniors pass through such phases of career so they will help in resources but don’t expect them to help for everything of your job. Now , it is your responsibility to learn & improve.

Do > Decide own targets along with company targets

If you can think of your first salary numbers why not think about your result numbers. It is really help you to make better career if you can decide your own targets along with company targets.

For example, If you feel that company targets are very high and I can’t achieve it then no need to be panic in very early days though those numbers are really important.

To improve yourself, You must choose some of your own targets , it can be small but stay focused on it. If you achieve that targets, it will help you to boost confidence, reduce stress, reduce comparison with others and will help to motivate yourself to achieve more.

These targets will also helps in better career plan and understanding your own capabilities.

Do > Talk results with Numbers & Time-frame

College days are over now. In job theory marks are not counted , So talk results with numbers & time frame.

For Example, To my boss I explained 1 hour & I argue that I am really working very hard last month but don’t achieve targets. What you think my boss will say ? Surely, Zero marks

But if I say in 5 minutes that I mad 129 new visits in 15 days with average of 8 clients per day and generated 63 potential leads but achieve only 20 % of target. Now, Say which is better to listen! and here your score surly not the zero.

Now we see, Don’t Do at the first job.


Don’t > Judge or compare yourself with others

Comparison is challenging fever , it is hard for even seniors. By experience you can get control on it. At first Job do not start comparing Or judging others with yourself as it is disturb your focus and will fill you with negativity. You will forget to focus on results and start complaining about others and surrounding.

Remember that Don’t compare yourself with someone else’s version of winner or loser. Everyone is unique in this world

Don’t > Complain

Remember your college days, You complain during exam that these questions are out of syllabus. So , I will not answer it. These are mistakes of someone else. Here , you have chance that someone listen it. At job , You will get directly zero for it.

By Complaining , you can try to hide from your responsibilities but fact can’t be change by complain . At early stage of job , more you complain more you become negative. Also try to avoid people who are continuously complain and talking more & act less. Such people are easy to find and easily help you how not to work and not grow. Here , I don’t support anti-team work.

Remember that , Captain Don’t Complain

Don’t > try to get universal knowledge in one day

Technology brings worlds to near & easy to share. It does not mean that at the First Job you ask anything and based upon your internet connection you will get everything.

At work place, we must prove ourselves by actions & results. Many time from the first day we try to know everything about company & clients etc., without becoming expert at even a single steps.

Give a time yourself, don’t be panic if you do not know something. It is natural that expertise takes time. Give that time to yourself as well as to employer too.

Don’t > Focus everywhere, but not own results

Focus is everything for say, but how to focus ? Simply, it is made with multiple factors and you have to take care of most of above motioned points.

Focus comes by continuous efforts & actions on particular objective. If you try to do everything or focus everywhere , your camera gives blur image then it is easy to lose. Moreover, Focus is continuous activity So, better you do your own job only.

For Example : As a Sales Executive , you spent 2 hours to repair printer and make help to your teammate. Now think does that 2 hours helps you to prove good team member or achieve your targets ? Simply , No

Your job is to suggest your team mate to contact concern person or ask for time to complete your job first. You seems like selfish person. But this is not complete truth.

Remember that, In safety key rule is first yourself and then save others. So you can save more people. This is also applicable at your first job.

Don’t > give up (Be negative)

Have you see a one of well know movie “Cast-away” ? If not get & watch. No matter where you are , what you have & what you do not have ?

It is all about what you choose. At the first job , if you would like to prove yourself then keep working. No matter what is next. Give up is not bad but it is not the only choice you have.

Look around , everyone has problems but successful people has choose not to give up. Ask your parents once again how you grown up – Ask them. Parenthood is also one of the toughest job.

Any finally , at sum up I would like to say just keep on working with focus . First job is just not the job it can make successful career path.



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