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Benefits of RPO

Recruitment is key part of any organization’s growth strategy and as time changes recruitment practice must be change. Presently, many big firms are taking advantages of RPO ( Recruitment Process Outsourcing ) compare to small & mid size companies.

HRM means doing more with less. Here , we covered up :

1. RPO introduction

2. Where RPO is best fit?

3. Myths of RPO

4. Challenges in RPO

5. Benefits of RPO

RPO : Recruitment Process outsourcing

It is a kind of outsourcing where an employer outsources or transfers all or part of its recruitment activities to an external service provider.

Where RPO is best fit ?

RPO solutions mostly applicable for multiple level, but companies which are more depends on human resources and have well planned recruitment strategy. Companies those who go for best benefits can be gained in terms of quality, cost, efficiency and flexibility with right RPO provider.

Myths of RPO : I really don’t have any explanation – How these myths comes into the market . May be this is something like long story 📷 of recruitment consultant , HR & candidates

  • RPO Can’t fill urgent positions

  • This is best for Mass Hiring only

  • RPO Provider – We lose control

Challenges in RPO Following challenges are mentioned from client point of view, where clients faces problem to take RPO solutions.

Fixed or reduction of recruitment cost ? : RPO reduce your 40 % of recruitment cost – No , way – from many years we are into business and we know this is not working with us ( ego problem !!!) Or Bad Experience by consultants – mismatch of expected services , fake promises Or never tried RPO solutions. Companies are taking vast recruitment cost reduction benefits which are clear about hiring plan, right time decision & clear system – standards of hiring. We tried many consultants – Cultural fit – No. of recruitment consultants are in market so , standard of services is changes one to one. RPO solutions is best benefited if right tune with company & consultant. So, what we have to do ? – Outsourcing problem – Small or mid sized companies are not easily open to outsource of Recruitment though they are working on someone’s outsourcing activities. For Example IT Industry , mostly working upon outsourcing though Industry players not easy go with RPO. Now here question is “WHY ?” ,but it covers multiple aspects and sure you all add up best points.

Time & Too much Expectation – RPO solution is best solutions where consultants fill & majorly identify present problems with recruitment but too much expectation from consultant or from client helps to get ZERO results.

Benefits of RPO Here, we comes to most important part, sum up of all words. Benefits of Hiring Recruitment Consultant / RPO Provider

  • No need to increase cost in your fixed costs such as salary, infrastructure, employee benefits and resume database as well as recruiters for with frequent requirements.

  • Hired consultant work as your team only which gives you major control over your recruitment process

  • Experience recruiters increase productivity by focus

  • Internal priorities can be managed with urgency of recruitment

  • Fixed monthly pays without any hidden costs reduce your recruitment cost

  • Internal recruiter team gets more opportunity of knowledge sharing

Best Process:

1. Understand requirement

2. Creating Best Pipeline

3. Dedicated Delivery: Defined system & monthly reports will help you to control your hired team.

Control More Productivity: You can choose any specific functions for your hired team such as only sourcing, calling or social media sourcing & sharing.

For example, if have your internal team and they daily saves time of 3 hours of sourcing, it directly increase your no. of callings or other focus per day & productivity of internal team.

IF any other query related to RPO or Recruitment solution, we love to hear you. Just drop message.

Please, share your views , Ideas and specifically help us to make better RPO solution.



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