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In Career Plan, Career Decisions are play important role and it includes following aspects.

Decision Making

Plan & Actions


Right job

Jobs & Enterpreurship



New Jump Start



Don't Give Up

Decision Consideration

Before making decision, Compare all options available to you and make a list of pros & cons of each.

  • Does this career option fit with my skills, personal values, family and interests?

  • How I will grow in this Career ?

  • How will this option affect the rest of my life – my personal life , my loved ones and other dreams?

  • Can I take expert advice on any options ?

Understand your Need

Before making decision , we need to find our core need from desired job. Most people does not focus on inner core needs which leads to early give up after joining.

This needs theory helps you to understand your present needs and you can relate it with your career.

  • Physiological Needs :  Breathe, Food, Water, Sleep etc.,

  • Safety : Body Security, Employment, Resources, Morality, Family, Health , Property etc.,

  • Love : Family, Friendship etc,.

  • Esteem : Self esteem, confidence, respect, achievement etc.,

  • Self actualization : Creativity, Problem Solving, Acceptance of facts etc.,

Find which option is best fit ?

  • Government Job

  • Private Job

  • Self Employed

Plan And Act

We sure you already decide your goal and path of it. Now it’s time to take action.

Write down your goal. Visualize yourself in your targeted Job and goal that you would like to reach.  Write it down and best goal is SMART .

SMART goals

Goal should be..

S = Specific in nature

M = Measurable with results

A = Achievable , should be practical

R = Relevant , to career plan

T = Time bound with Review


Write it , Make it


Following steps will help you to make better plan.

  1. Research about goal First – Online , Offline & Personal

  2. Understand challenges to your goal

  3. Get Help from Industry Experts OR Take Training

  4. Regularly do Self assessment


Get following checklist done.

  • an up-to-date resume

  • Experience documents

  • Salary documents & proofs

  • Education Documents

  • Certificates and awards documents

  • Portfolio documents if needed

  • Government ID

  • Bank Account if needed

  • Formal Basic Clothes

  • Transport route understanding & Knowledge


Step-by-step guide to getting work experience

In case if you don’t have experience , try to get following things done before apply for the job.

  • Job Ready course certificate

  • Free work Experience

  • Project work Experience

  • Any References if  available


Apply for Job

Here we consider that you already decide your career goal and path of it. Now , following steps needs to be taken care of .

  • Prepare CV : Most career starter don’t give importance to professional CV and that leads to early rejection. CV is your professional image like and work and ticket to interview. Thus get your CV error free , Simple with your skills & experience rather than just plain personal details. If needed take a help of professional resume makers to make first impression.

  • Job Search : Don’t blindly apply to any job without understanding about company, location, Job Skill requirement and job challenges. Most career starters just go for money in mind and leads to give up. Don’t choose the just job, choose the learning first. While experience people does not have this issue , we recommend them to check their readiness for the job

  • Prepare for Interview : Don’t take interview as lightly routine activity. It is opportunity , Interview is single chance to make your first achievement. If you fail, it means wait for next one. So prepare best for Interview. Starting from Company info, products , services , job profile, location & industry challenges & future of it in which company is operating.  You can also take interview skills courses to increase your chances.

  • Before & after Interview : If you are giving interview first time than, we should know basic requirements as a ideal candidate such as Present on time at Interview, Basic professional etiquettes, Follow Dressing guideline , Show confidence during interview, Ask for feedback of interview assessment if allowed. If rejected take a better shot.


Self Employed

What is self employed  ?


Working for oneself as a freelance or the owner of a business rather than for an employer. Example of Self-Employed careers are Doctor, CA or Accountant, Designers, Acting, Film Direction, Painter, Entrepreneurship


Benefits of Self-Employed Career

  • Follow your passion & creativity

  • Sky is the limit for Financial & Personal Growth

  • Enjoy Freedom

  • Better work-life balance


Why you choose to be self employed ? You might be like

  • want to support your own strong passion

  • want a variety of work or work places

  • want to plan your own way of time, hours of work, how you work

  • wanted to focus on children as a parent

  • reach at level of expert and want to share it own way

  • can’t find a full-time job in your area of work

  • want additional money


Does a self employed  fit for you?

Before deciding be a self employed , Understand your abilities.

  • Ability to make yourself responsible for everything time , money & efforts

  • Ability to manage work pressure

  • Ability to be well organized

  • Clear understanding of what you do & what you get paid in how much time.

  • Ready for sell yourself

  • Ability to identify your own mistake, learning , opportunity , solutions & resources


What are the advantages of a self employed career ?

  • Freedom of time, work , life & passion

  • Show your creative power

  • Progress like Sky is limit

  • Job security – Your expertise is your resume .


What are the challenges of a self employed career?

  • You will not paid at the end of the month without performance . You have to earn it

  • For everything you are responsible including regular income

  • It is not 8 hour job shift, It is 24 hour shift

  • Ready to face reality of paper plan and real plan output at financially , professionally & family wise

  • Look out all things together – Big Picture .


How to Start Self employed career?

  • Get Advice from industry experts and understand challenges & opportunities

  • Do you research about targeted market, skills & offers

  • Keep on learning

  • Get your first assignment no matter if delivered free . It will boost confidence to make better plan


How to get success as Self employed ? 

  • Keep on Learning & keep an eye on targeted market

  • Build Capital , focus on regular Income

  • Get best process as earliest in all areas of work

  • Be flexible for every situation

  • Evaluate yourself and fix it


Choose best

  • Don’t compare self-employed career with  regular employment. Both has benefits and challenges in their own way. 

Govt Job Vs Private Job

You can start your career with any type of job that interest you. In INDIA , Govt Jobs are always in demand due to its social charm. Here have look at benefits of each.


Benefits of Government Job

  • Good Job Security

  • Job Stability

  • Social Status

  • Work for Government

  • Enjoy power of designation


Benefits of Private Job

  • Easy to get Started

  • Fast career growth as per performance

  • More Personal Growth in terms of Knowledge & Skills

  • More Skills – More you will get

  • More opportunities at local & at international level


Which one is best to start ?

We recommend don’t compare with each other because everyone has different needs as per time but Before you choose any option ask yourself following questions.

  • What is your actual inner needs from Govt Job / Private job ?

  • What you see the career path after getting the job ?

  • What motivates you about that job?

  • How fast you would like to grow ?

  • How much time it will take to get your targeted job ?

  • What is Plan B , in case you fail to get that job ?

  • If preparation takes time . Are you ready to handle social & competition Pressure ?


Plan B

If you are preparing for government job , you need to give lot of efforts and needs good preparation for competitive exams.  By each passing exams competition will increase. So you should prepare for other job as well. Don’t disturb your study by part-time job or full-time other job if don’t needed. Simply don’t try to run two horses at a time.


Better to develop Other skills which can also helps in Govt job or in Private Job

  • Public Communication Skills

  • Computer Skills

  • Interview Skills

  • Business Etiquettes

  • HR Skills

  • Marketing Skills


What is an entrepreneurship?

It is define as capacity and will to develop and manage business venture with any of its risk to .

An entrepreneur is someone who:

  • Ready to take risk

  • Ready to identify what is missing and where is opportunity

  • Add value and inspire others too

  • is creative or innovator

  • is see big picture

  • Hunger of learning

  • Strong believe in own passion, dream & vision

  • Ready to fall & raise

Many more factors you can add here in entrepreneurship as successful career.


How to come up with a idea?

Many ways to generate ideas , Try these:

  • lateral thinking –  Be creative and think out of box for some problem or entirely new approach

  • blue-sky thinking – No reality or practical limit and bring something new. i.e. concept cars

  • gap analysis – Find gap between demand  and supply at any point


How to bring best Ideas?

  • Keep on trying, Act & test on ideas

  • by getting hands on experience & working  in targeted field

  • by deep research on subject

  • Make deep assessment of yourself – Passion, Skills, Challenges etc.,

  • True for some , best come in survival mode

  • Keep on learning from everywhere including competitors

  • From business mentor


Most important for Business

  • Finance

  • Sales

  • Team


Get Started – Business Plan

To start best , you need best plan. So it should include

  • Business Objectives for upcoming 3 – 5 years

  • Decide how will you achieve those objectives with time line ?

  • Process of Decision Making and daily routine



Around 90% business die early stage because of shortage of Finance. If business does not generate enough profit you can’t run longer. Following links can help you more.



In competition it is very important to make good marketing. So it is good to take hire business mentors or Sales mentors to boost business. Here are some of partner can help you.

A Business / Sales mentor will help you :

  • to make better Sales and business plan

  • to connect customer, cash-flow & branding

  • to provide fresh view as per market

  • to get motivation and decide goal better



Company is made by employees, so better the team – better the company.  Hiring is not a easy as it seems . HR Consultant can easier the task .

A HR Consultant can help you in :

  • Talent Hunt

  • Training

  • Productivity

  • Payroll Processing

We also recommend to learn more about entrepreneurship , Business Management & Leadership. Please check out more in training .

Ready for Career Change

If you already working for the job and if you are planning for career change. Following questions helps you to decide better goal. 

  • Are you changing job too early ?

  • Which need you targeted to achieve by change ?

  • Have you secured new job already ?

  • Are you bored or stressed with present job ?

  • Does family feels the same stress , unhappiness or work depression as I do ?

  • Is there any issue that your boss or teammate can’t help in ?

  • Are your working against your values, beliefs or interest ?

  • Am I using my skills and knowledge enough?

  • Have I learnt new skills that are not being used in my current job?

  • Are you change in same field or total change?

  • Does your family adjust with pay gap or drop during finding new job ?

  • Do you stay if salary hike or position hike in present job ?

  • Are you ready to relocate if required ?

  • Is there any other way to fulfill desires without job change ?

  • Do you want more responsibility, skills or knowledge etc.,?


Change decision – Factors of Consideration

Think about:

  • How family & loved ones affected by career change ?

  • How your change will affect finance ?

  • Compare pros & cons of future job and present job

Back to Job after gap

After having children ,  due to unemployment or due to competitive exam preparation or any other reason career gap can happen. Now you are planning to return to work and start find the job. but you might feel that :

  • don’t have right skills which I required

  • Not flexible enough to try any job

  • Working hours or pressure seems unmanageable to me

  • Overload of own pre-conditions or pre-definitions

  • What others think about me?


How to start?

  • If you have experience and reference with same industry or past employer . Contact first

  • For Fresh Start – Use Online & Offline job search methods

  • Try free work methods

  • Learn Job Ready courses

  • Invest in yourself in terms of Skills


How to Prepare ?

  • Prepare up to date CV. If possible use professional resume designing services to better impression.

  • Prepare yourself for interview , mentally first

  • Make connections with concern people to follow up or to help

  • Sharpen your core skills & abilities , if  necessary go for Job ready trainings


Gaps in CV !

Career gap is important for employers  to consider anyone for employment. but it does not mean you hide and employer will like it. More than skills , honesty will be considered. Now ,


Following tips helps you to deal with gap.

  • Highlight your past experience or skills

  • Show Training or New Skills adoption or Recent experience in Gap

  • Justify your gap with strong reason to yourself first and in Interview as well


After Joining

After getting selected , it is more important that you survive for minimum job period of 100 – 180 days at least for getting experience , understand company , team , roles & responsibilities. Don’t become job-hopper without strong reason which next employer can believe . More you hope , more you will be doubt for next employer. Don’t worry if your skills are rare.

Most fresher candidates are join early and give up early because of poor give up attitude.


Poor performance resulted into NO WIN-WIN

Fresher : Lost (Possible good opportunity + Credit of future fresher)

Employer : Lost (Salary Cost + Training cost + Resources Cost + 3 Months time + Negative Review + Production Output + Restart the process)


Future Impact : We are sure, You already know it. Actual lose. Many employer & employee practices comes into place after series of experiences vice-versa. Take care of each other and keep on learning .

That’s all. You are smart enough to understand the message.

Quick actions for surviving after joining 

  • Observe and Open to Learn about people, work culture and skills

  • Strive to meet work Goals with time

  • Follow Ethics and Work disciplines 

  • Actions speaks louder than words, Avoid shortcuts

  • Learn Stress management and work life balance

  • Lead by example and respect team

  • Don’t Do > Judge early, Gossip much, Not helping team

  • Follow Day Plan and do list with team

  • Improve Communication & yes – Common sense

  • Trust yourself

  • Stay positive

  • Be calm

  • Practice



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