Getting Career Options

Job Myths

Before you make decision for any job , please avoid following myths about job and industry.

  • I have degree in this stream , So job must be in this stream : We need to understand job is more economic function and Education is more individual function. If you are master in arts , it does not mean you can’t do the business without MBA. 

  • I can’t get the Job because of competition  : Competition is truth , but you are also competitor for others. So think how you can create difference. Knowledge is always best to create long lasting difference .

  • Good percentage /college/campus  is equal to good Job : College , Campus or Percentage are for better education , While job is life-long learning journey.  Try best in every opportunity to get it.

  • If you have Family and friends references then only you will get the job : Take responsibility of yourself rather than give excuse on name of friends & family. 

  • I don’t do any job because I have degree : Experience and Education are two different things. Does any degree education defines that which kind of job you should not do ?  Then why you stop your learning at early stage of career on name of degree.?

  • I don’t need training because I have degree : Formal education is good but sometimes not enough to get the job or to sustain the job. Thus it is wisely to get more skills and make difference in the career race.

  • MNC or Government Jobs are only good : Without doing job and understanding your needs it is wrong to under estimate small & medium companies. Every big companies were small at starting.

  • Private job has more pressure : No pressure makes you lazy and later on less skilled. Think about machine in future, if they can handle more work than you. Why you are required ?

  • No experience , No Job : Experience is comes through opportunity and if you have not clicked it – you will miss it. 

  • Clerical  jobs are good Job : In coming times technology improves most back-office operation in most of the industries . Think about ATM & Cashier at bank. Many candidates think about short-term comfort rather than long-term future.

  • Nobody looks at your CV : If you plan for arrange marriage and what if ,possible partner photo is worst looking, does it affect your decision ? Answer will be yes. Same way CV is important

Career Options

How to get Career Options

  • Explore career options with job search

  • Get Inspiring Career Stories

  • Look part-time and Free jobs around you

  • Keep on learning online

  • Find Mentors

  • Stay Connected in your interest related Network


Job Search                                                           


Following things needs to understand you start searching Job.

  • Understand Job

  • Understand your skills related to Job

  • If not enough skills get it first

  • What is career path , learning path of the Job ?


Keep in your mind more open about future and try to see job search with few key things in mind.

  • What jobs are in demand now and Why ?

  • What regions have the most jobs and Why ?

  • What are your skills which does not affected by automation and still you required ?


For career starters , learning is far more important than anything. So keep that in mind while searching job


How to get job ready without Job?

  • Do volunteer or Free work

  • Keep on learning

  • Be realistic in expectations and in learning during industry projects

  • Check out online options regularly


Tips for Fresher – Free Work & Training

  • Develop expertise and skills first , rest will follow you

  • Nothing is free so the missing opportunity will cost you later

  • Be Dedicated at learning or be ready to pay the cost of time & future competition

  • Don’t give up image is easy to share and hard to execute .

  • Don’t give excuses


Job  Trainings

  • Knowledge is like fuel to career engine, so keep on learning

  • Make Difference in career race

  • No Work , No Training  Or No learning will decrease your career speed in competition

  • Job courses helps to stay healthy and fit in terms of career like gym training for body.

  • Easy Job getting – Many job programs are with job assistance


Do you find your loved ones stops you from your goal?

Don’t comes with wrong conclusion . Try to understand

  • Why they feel this ? Just Ask

  • Put yourself in their position and think about why they hold this opinion.

  • Do they have more good reasons to argue?

  • Do your research to show you’re making an informed decision

  • Share your reasons for choosing this career calmly.

  • Best answer to all is – Prove yourself


Types of work arrangement and hours

  • Full-time

  • Part-time

  • Volunteer / Free-work

  • Temporary

  • Project base

  • Self-employed

  • Work from Home


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